talks page 2019

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Some presentations I have given (youtube playlist):

machine learning and mobile

A presentation for Scale by the Bay about different approaches for bringing machine learning to mobile devices, then how to build an end-to-end pipeline using swift for tensorflow and mlir to train and deploy models to a phone. Video, blog, slides, interview.

advanced convolutional neural networks: q3 2019

A presentation to the Advanced Kubeflow Meetup during TensorFlow World about some recent convolutional neural network papers. Slides.

quantum mechanics (in five minutes)

A quick introduction to quantum mechanics for Ignite TensorFlow World. Slides.

convolutional neural networks with swift (and 🐍)

Presentations at the Google ML Summit in Seattle, StlDevFest in St. Louis, Google ML Summit in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Columbia, MO DevFest on building convolutional neural networks to perform image recognition. Videos (Seattle, Pittsburgh), blog, slides.

git at scale: 2019

A reprise of my git at scale talk at the Michigan Devfest in Detroit.

introduction to swift for tensorflow

A presentation at AltConf 2019 on how to get started with swift for tensorflow. Video, blog, slides.


A presentation for the Advanced Spark and Tensorflow Meetup at Grammarly about different approaches used on SQuAD for the Dawnbench competition. Video, blog, slides.


An online presentation to the Advanced Spark and Tensorflow Meetup about how Google built AlphaFold to produce an end-to-end protein modeling pipeline. Video, blog, slides.

introduction to machine learning

An overview of machine learning at Prolific Interactive. Slides.

hackillinois 2019

I helped a group of students make their first pull request and gave five presentations:

  • git at scale: 2019, slides.
  • image recognition and swift, slides.
  • object detection and swift, slides.
  • advanced convolutional neural networks: Q1 2019, slides.
  • solving go: 2019, slides.

introduction to google cloud and deep learning

A presentation to the Columbia, MO GDG developer meetup at Quarkworks on how to get started with Google Cloud. Content: video, blog, slides.

tensorflow and swift

A presentation for Scale by the Bay at Twitter on how Google is using llvm and swift to build the next generation of Tensorflow. Content: video, slides, text interview, video interview.

tensorflow.js at the edge

A presentation for the Advanced Spark and Tensorflow user group at Cloudflare on how to use tensorflow.js and neural networks to perform predictions on edge devices. Content: video, code, slides.

convolutional neural networks, swift, and iOS 12

A presentation for the Swift user group at Lyft on how to use convolutional neural networks to do image recognition, with a specific focus on mobile devices. Content: video, slides.

altconf / altlabs 2018

A seminar at Alt Conf during WWDC on how to tackle different problems using traditional machine learning and neural networks, then looked at currently available approaches to solving various problems on mobile devices. Slides: pdf.

tensorflow.js: model training and predicting at the edge

A talk with Chris Fregly and others at Mesosphere on why javascript is in our future. Content: video, slides.

solving go v1 / solving go v1.0.1

Note: for both presentations the audio gets a lot better about five minutes in!

v1: A presentation I gave at Thumbtack to the Advanced Spark/Tensorflow meetup on how MCTS, Alpha Go, Alpha Go Zero and Alpha Zero can be used to solve the game of go. Slides: pdf.

v1.0.1: Did talk again to Advanced Spark/Tensorflow meetup at Strata Conf in San Jose, updated slides: pdf.

convolutional neural networks, swift and iOS 11

A presentation I gave at Realm to the Swift user group on how to use convolutional neural networks to do image recognition on mobile devices. Slides: online, pdf.

git at scale

A presentation I gave at Realm to the Swift user group on how to improve your usage of git. Slides: pdf.