Some open source projects I have worked on (github1 / github2):

Swift for TensorFlow

I made a number of contributions to the swift-models repository and some tweaks to the swift for tensorflow apis proper. I wrote a book using s4tf to do image recognition with convolutional neural networks.


I worked with Jeremy, Andrew, Sylvain and other fastai students to help improve CIFAR and Imagenet training.

hackillinois 2018

I spoke at a systems panel, gave a presentation on neural networks, helped people with their projects, and drank a lot of caffeine.

Google Summer of Code

Over the summer, Github sponsored a student from Singapore that I helped mentor who added tap prioritization to homebrew.


I am a former maintainer of homebrew, a unix package mananger for the mac.


I have made a few contributions to wikipedia, an online encyclopedia.

Project Gutenberg

I did OCR, proofreading and helped publish over a dozen books with the Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders.


Computational Optimization Methods

An overview of computational optimization methods with applications to bioinformatics, written with some fellow graduate students at Mizzou.

Computational Imaging and Visualization Analysis

I wrote a website and worked on some other internal projects as a research assistant for CIVA while at Mizzou.


Seven Dead Men

My first feature length film, about a failed caper.


A website to display some of the three dozen short films I made during film school.

Event Horizon

My first video game.